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1. Search

  • Search and choose your destination
  • See and browse through homes that are available for rent
  • Found a match? Just call to rent. It is easy

2. Browse

We bring you closer to the rooms without you visiting.

You can browse through curated pictures to get a feel of the room and also go over available amenities before you make a decision.

3. Pay to Rent

See detailed amenities and descriptions of the home before you make a decision.

Pay to rent if you are satisfied with what you see.

Hear from our Users


What I really like about RentIt is that it has homes for everyone no matter their budget, whether they are rich or poor.

Yaa - Trader


I've been searching for an app like RentIt for so long. I love the convenience it affords everyone looking to rent a home.

Kuunuo - Professional


We've been waiting for a powerful piece of software that can help homeowners rent their homes easily. And now RentIt has solved this problem.

Abigail - Homeowner


Searching for a home to rent was difficult but thankfully I found RentIt and within 3 days I had moved to a new and affordable home.

Philemon - Civil Servant


The support I have received has been great. RentIt helped me even move to my house after I rented.

Pearl - College Student

Our products.


With RentIt, Africans can just lease or buy a home no matter where they are.


RentIt makes it so easy to rent a home. Download it today

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